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August 6, 2011 / Dona

Jessie Harris (néeTyler)

Jessie Tyler Green Harris

This is a photograph of Jessie Tyler, my maternal grandfather’s mother, as a grandmother. Her mother, Jeannette, was a McCornack. Apparently Tyler Creek in Elgin was named after Jessie’s father’s family — or so the story was told that way in our family. I’ve written extensively about Jessie Tyler Green Harris elsewhere. While I cannot be certain, the baby might be my mother — she wrote her name on the back of the photo a few times — so unless she took this to school or something and needed the name on the photo, I think she might have been indicating it was her.

The back of the photograph says:

Jessie Harris Tyler Green Harris
Don’t know the baby

Someone (probably my mother) also wrote:


And, probably my mother wrote:




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  1. auntigloriannie / Aug 6 2011 10:03 am

    I am auntiglorianne on Word Press. I was really pleased to get this photo, it connects past with present, to see an uncle by marriage as a baby. I heard good things about him from my mother.

  2. auntigloriannie / Sep 20 2011 5:12 pm

    I think that the baby would definitely be Patsy Ann Green. You know, there was a very popular doll in the very early to late 30’s, into the 40’s, Patsy! Then there was Patsy Ann, Patsyette, Wee Patsy, Patsy Joan, and a few others. I have a few of the old ones…I did love the clothes of that era. This little baby is adorable, a livewire, I would say. I think I told you about a letter Richard (Dickie) wrote to me, telling about his mother making bloomers for Patsy, who liked to do cartwheels. Modesty I am sure was the reason, I had bloomers, too!

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