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June 7, 2008 / Dona

Henry Theide

Henry Thiede was my grandmother’s grandfather. His daughter, Emma, was my grandmother’s mother, but she died when my grandmother was 14 years old.

Henry, with his long white beard looks a little menacing, but his eyes look kind — a bit like Santa Claus.

I did an Internet search with the following keywords: “Henry Thiede” “two rivers” and found a wonderful website that mentions, not only the Thiedes, but also the Koesers. I discovered that Henry’s wife, Charlotte  Fredericka Willamina (Schwantes) Thiede was married before, to Henry Mandel who was killed in the Civil War. Henry Thiede fought in the Civil War as well, before he married Fredericka in 1867.


From the Two Rivers Reporter, Saturday, Dec. 13, 1913: OLD TIMERS – (photo with article)

The cruel hand of war parted many loving hearts forever when the boys of ’61 and ’62 set out in answer to Lincoln’s call for volunteers. Among those who responded to that call was Henry Mandel. He had been married two years before to Fredericka Schwantes. He and two of his brothers enlisted in company D 27th Regiment, Captain Rankin in 1862. He never came back. Fatally wounded in battle he died in the hands of the enemy and his remains were interred in far away Kansas. Henry Thiede who had served four years in the Civil war then became married to Mrs. Mandel in 1867.

Mrs. Thiede who is in good health at 76 came to this vicinity in 1856 with the entire Schwantes family consisting of six boys, four boys, the father and mother. The father bought a farm of eighty acres a few miles west of here soon after. He was proprietor of a hotel in Pomern, Regen Walde, Germany where Mrs. Thiede was born. To satisfy his children who did not like the business he sold out for a good price and they emigrated to America.

Left alone during the war with her two babies Fred and Henry who are now upright citizens of this vicinity, Fredericka went back to live with her father on his farm. The Schwantes boys, Carl, August, Fred and William had all gone to the war and she and her sister helped harvest the crops and did all they could to take their place. There was much work to do. And besides, they made home spun garments which they gave in exchange for help in farm work from the neighbors.

The Thiedes lived on a farm a few miles north of this city for eight years and then sold out and took up their residence in Two Rivers. Here the family has since resided. Since the death of Mr. Thiede eight years ago Mrs. Thiede has lived with her son Ernst, contractor.

Henry Thiede on Flickr.

Henry Thiede

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